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Using our AllCalculator.net Standard Deviation Calculator can evaluate the values of variability. However, the other way to calculate the variability is as follows.

There are many simple ways to measure variability. The formula of Standard Deviation weighs the scattered samples more than the organised samples.

A high Standard Deviation indicates the samples are highly scattered or unorganised.


Hence it gives way to calculate the data's variability more than the simpler methods. It is more simple than the mean absolute deviation method.


It is called MAD, and it is more similar to Sample Deviation. However, it is much easier to calculate than the Standard Deviation Calculation.


The first step involves you writing every Deviation derived from the mean in absolute values. It needs to be done after the numbers are done into positive numbers. After that, calculate the mean for these attained absolute deviations.


Unlike the Standard Deviation, the squares or square roots need not be derived from the MAD. Because of this, the variability could be more precise.



Suppose there are two samples with the same tendency. It has different numbers of variability. Hence Sample number two is more variable in comparison to Sample One.


Let's assume Sample 1 

Mean=66, 64, 30, 40 

Mean Absolute Deviation=50 


Sample 1=17.8 


Sample 2 

Mean=51, 21, 79, 49 

Mean Absolute Deviation=50 


Sample 2=23.7 


Since the samples have average deviations from the mean, the MAD cannot differentiate between the level of speed. However, the SD is more precise for the sample with high variability than the mean. The Sample Deviation is more accurate.


By Squaring the value of the mean, the SD determines uneven dispersion. This step concludes with extreme variations in comparison to small derivations. It ultimately makes the Standard Deviation sensitive.


The other process to calculate the MAD or the variability is simple. Input the values in the Standard Deviation Calculator. It will display accurate results by considering the values provided. It is much easier and hassle-free and also accurate.


Standard Deviation Calculator is the best online Calculator to calculate the mean, variability, MAD or any other values of a Data Set.


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