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In short, the essay is distinguished from other works by its free and flexible composition, the Essayassistant in the text of personal experiences and thoughts on a particular issue. The topic of the essay can touch upon various fields and areas: historical, philosophical, literary, journalistic, popular science and others.

Asking to write an essay, the instructor wants to get from the student a fiction-publicist text. As a rule, essays can be printed in online and print publications as works, while other works, including essays, are not.

First, make sure that the topic you choose is specific and includes only one question: the one you will be looking to lab report writing service in the paper. There is no clear and consistent structure on how to answer the question. But you should do it in the format “thesis – argument”. For each thesis – a maximum of two arguments.

As arguments you can use personal experience, scientific facts and justifications, references to authoritative people, etc.

As for the introductory and concluding parts, you should focus on the problem. Devote the first paragraph to the identification of the problem, and the last one to the conclusions. To ensure that the essay does not lose its integrity, link individual fragments of the work.

Many experts advise you to make the most of the possibilities of the art-publicist https://essayassistant.org/programming-help/. These include emotions, expression, sense of humor. The main thing is that thanks to this, you will be able to express your individuality, and this in an essay is extremely important.

Memorable aphorisms and sayings – rare and obscure – help to win the reader's heart.

The collision of contradictory positions and statements increases the readability of the text.

Here are your top 3 recommendations of what not to do in an essay:

  1. Don't consider language norms: the fact that the text is written in free form does not mean that you should forget about spelling, stylistic and other rules. Edit the text to make it easy to read and understand.
  2. Don't give an example for every statement: the essay is all about experience and examples; use them if you want to get a good grade.
  3. Don't write as is: no one is interested in reading about implausible things and blatant embellishment, honesty and openness are the way to go.

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