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The Fundamentals of Creating Unique Content for YouTube

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YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet – which goes to show just how much time people are willing to spend most of their time indulging in online video content.


Getting anybody's attention is a completely different story from holding their attention. And videos that keep users engaged for long periods of time are given a much higher ranking than clickbait videos. Consequently, this has motivated many YouTubers to start creating high-quality and unique content for their channels. But even so, YouTube's head of content partner marketing, Eric Meyerson, has stated that “It's in the alignment with YouTube's goal to become the ‘most important media in people's lives”


Consequently, the pressure of becoming the best Youtuber has become fiercer than ever, with more people looking for ways to develop a more robust engagement and attain a higher ranking within the constantly changing YouTube algorithm.


Fortunately, there are many professionals in the field from whom you can take away a lesson or two. For example, Raphael Gomes is one of the most popular social media personalities who has never once failed to deliver unique content on his YouTube channel.


Aside from being a popular Portuguese-English YouTuber, he is also a revered author and chef that has always taken an interest in cooking since a young age. His YouTube career started when he was still in school, and his unique content eventually landed him the title of YouTube's Next Vlogger in 2013.


He is most popularly known for his Cooking with Raphael videos and has earned more than 2 million subscribers and 340 million views. Additionally, he has also published an app and a cookbook, “Epic Kitchen Adventures.” Naturally, his exceptional skill resulted in winning two prestigious Webby Awards for two years in a row in 2020 and 2021.


As a content creator, Gomes is constantly immersed in coming up with creative new content centered around food for his YouTube channel. Due to his persistent approach to making sure that his video had unique content, he has gone viral for his successful concepts and formats.


If you are interested in creating high-quality videos like Gomes, here are a few video-making strategies that can help you get started on your YouTube journey.


Write Captivating Titles


Titles are the first most important aspects you need to consider in your video-making process as they can either make or break the performance of your video.


As such, it is important to stay away from making generic clickbait titles and instead in titles that are more conversational. People love entertainment and getting to learn about new information, so they will be looking at videos that are directly implying what your video is about. Some examples can include questions-based titles or add hyperboles to stack up on the views. What's important is that you spend more time thinking about your titles and not just stick to the first thought that comes to your mind.


Utilize SEO Tactics


Did you know that, according to Sprout Social,  YouTube videos tend to show up in almost 70% of the topmost Google search results?


Youtube is the second biggest search engine worldwide, and just like people search things on google, the same concepts can be applied to YouTube. As such, you will need to make use of SEO to optimize your videos in terms of tags, keywords, and so on.


Some of the best SEO practices include using keywords in both your title and your video descriptions or even in your video to improve your chances of getting better results on YouTube. Additionally, you can also use tags to share more information about what your videos are about, so it would be an ideal approach to have as many tags as you can think of that relate to the content of your video.


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