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What might the future of business intelligence (BI) look like? More importantly, what will it mean to your company? The short answer to the first question is that it’s hard to say precisely how things will change technology moves quickly and changes in the needs of organizations, companies, and individuals, who may not always know exactly what they need.

Self-service BI

Cloud computing is quickly changing every industry, including BI. As soon as someone says cloud, most people think of self-service BI. Business intelligence and consulting services may be available to businesses through web portals that don’t require much training.

The future of Business Intelligence looks bright. The ability to consume data will only increase, whether it’s from desktop or mobile devices. BI leaders can be confident that BI adoption will only continue to expand in years, and cloud computing will change how business intelligence is consumed by employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Business intelligence software companies will continue to innovate new cloud offerings.

Data Cognition

Business intelligence services are available in many different packages, but business intelligence is all about data cognition at its core. When you understand your data, you can spot anomalies, make predictions and form more informed opinions about what’s going on. Imagine that an investor wants to know if an acquisition was a success to get a sense of how data cognition works in business settings.

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Natural Language Processing

The process by which computers analyze and interpret human language continues to challenge computer scientists. Over time, companies have developed various tools to analyze unstructured data, but many continue to struggle with processing unique languages. These struggles can be challenging to overcome in specific fields—particularly ones with global reach. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is part of machine learning, data mining, and statistics, making it an essential tool for any Business Intelligence consulting or Business Intelligence services firm.

Collaborative and Integrative BI

One way to build a truly innovative business intelligence service is to use collaborative and integrative BI. This technique requires data to be pulled from multiple sources, then integrated into one report. These reports are then shared between analysts in real-time, eliminating much of the time-consuming back-and-forth of developing essays. Collaborative BI can help streamline a company’s reporting process.

Prescriptive Analytics

In contrast to diagnostic analytics, prescriptive analytics analyzes what will happen based on what has happened. Prescriptive analytics can help you anticipate future events, which is why business intelligence consultants are increasingly turning to it.

More specifically, predictive analytics is a subset of Business Intelligence Consulting Services geared toward predicting future events by gathering data from experiences and using them to make forecasts. Predictive analytics is just one part of prescriptive analytics, however. The latter refers to any forward-looking analytical method used to determine likely outcomes based on known factors. Another example would be machine learning.

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