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The Life of Country People in Cities in the Song Dynasty

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As soon as the queen mother put down her chopsticks, the palace people outside came in to report that Yang Hao had come back to see her. The Empress Dowager took one look at Gu Zao and said with a smile, “Sure enough, they are newlyweds. They stick together so tightly, but they came back in a moment. I'm afraid the old woman will leave you alone.” Then he was called in. Gu Zao was teased by the queen mother, slightly shy, only in the mouth is also answered two sentences. That Yang Hao soon strode in, saw Gu Zao standing there, his face a little red, only a slight smile, then saw the queen mother. The Empress Dowager took a look at this pair and sighed, “Bi Ren.” Then she took off a jade bracelet from her hand and handed it to Li Gongren on the side. She said to Gu Zao with a smile, “You two are newly married, and you have to express yourself. Although this bracelet is not valuable, it has been worn for several years. Now that I've given it to you, I just feel that I have some fate with you. I hope you two can live a good life, and it won't be in vain for you to have a thick skin and a matchmaker. Gu Zao took it from Li Gongren's hands and put it on his own hands. The Empress Dowager called out a string of incense beads and a blue satin mink fur coat made in the palace, which she had prepared earlier for the old lady Yang. Only then did the two of them kneel down respectfully and thank each other. Seeing that the queen mother was going to sleep, they both retired. That Li Gongren and lead the way since is also indispensable under the table of thanks, this just went out of the palace. The two men boarded the carriage and headed for the Zheng Gate Taiwei Mansion along the way they had come. Yang Hao asked Gu Zao just to do the dishes, Gu Zao came to a detailed practice. Yang Hao swallowed his saliva and pretended to be wronged and said, “My wife only emptied her mind to cook for others all day, but never made a special one for me.”. What I had eaten before was borrowed from other people's light,mobile racking systems, and the rattan cake was incidental. Gu Zao saw that he was playing a rogue again and was lazy to talk to him, but Yang Hao took advantage of the absence of people in the carriage and reached out to encircle her. He leaned over and laughed in a low voice: “If you don't cook for me, you won't be able to sleep well at night..” Gu Zao laughed and wanted to clap his hand away. Suddenly he reminded him that he had used some of the bag of curry powder he had brought with him on the eve of the Bathing Buddha Festival in April. The rest of it was still sealed and hidden at home. He thought it should not have gone bad yet. He said with a smile, “I'll wait for you to accompany me back to worship the door in two days. I'll make a fresh one for you and keep it in case you haven't eaten it.” Yang Hao was curious, but he forgot the movements on his hands. He just kept asking questions. Gu Zao laughed but didn't answer. He tickled him. They laughed and laughed. Yang Hao suddenly remembered the words that the queen mother had just mentioned. He looked at Gu Zao and asked: “The queen mother just said that your mother told her something?” Gu Zao smiled and briefly explained what had happened when Fang entered the palace that day. He only laughed at Yang Hao for a long time before he sighed, “Your mother even knows this. It's really impressive.”. She really had an unintentional contribution to our marriage. Be sure to honor her in the future. Gu Zao only smiled slightly, but his heart was very close. When they arrived at the gate of the Taiwei Mansion, Yang Hao sent her in and said he had something to do and wanted to go out again. Gu Zao sent him to the door of his south courtyard, watching his figure turn the bamboo poles, and then returned to his house. Seeing the fragrant beads and fur coat given by the queen mother, who had put them aside, he thought about it and called Rong Cai to go to the north room. Chapter seventy-five mother-in-law and daughter-in-law confrontation second master teach second sister a lesson When Gu Zao arrived at the door of the north room, mobile racking systems ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, she saw Huixin coming out. When she saw Gu Zao, she smiled and saluted, saying, “The old lady sent me to see if the second lady has come back. It happened that you came.” Gu Zao went up to support Huixin and said, “Although you and I have only met a few times before, I only feel that you are a kind person in my heart.”. “Why do you make these empty courtesies when you see me? It's just the same as before.” Huixin shook her head and said with a smile, “The second lady thinks highly of me. That's my face.”. It's just that the etiquette should be complete. Gu knew she was cautious, so he just smiled and went into the room where the old lady was resting. See Jiang Shi as usual in the side, face slightly with some different color, think is specially waiting for oneself to come is also possible. He respectfully saw the ceremony, and then offered those things, saying, “The Empress Dowager specially ordered me to give this incense bead and fur coat to Niang, saying that this incense bead is a new congratulatory offering received this year, and that this fur coat is also a first-class product newly made in the palace.”. Just returned to the mansion, dare not delay, immediately sent over. The old lady's face was a little gloomy, but when she heard that it was a reward from the Empress Dowager, she didn't dare to neglect it. She looked at it a little and let Huixin accept it. Then she looked at it early and said slowly, “I've heard about the full moon. You two are going out alone.” Gu Zao smiled and then said, “It's all my fault. I didn't make it clear before, so the Second Master had a misunderstanding.”. Now that I've made it clear, I don't have such an idea. I just hope that my mother will be able to take care of more people like me who are clumsy and don't know how to serve. When the old lady heard Gu Zao say this, her face turned a little. She raised her eyelids and said, “I sent Xiuxin to serve Haoer before, but she was so clumsy that she couldn't use her. So she called her back.”. Now I see that there is only one bigger man in your yard. Although he is an honest man, only one is not enough. A few days ago, I asked Haoer to pick a few more from my house, but he only wanted a treasure. That girl is so restless that she doesn't know how to serve people. Now that you are here, I will be the master and send Huixin to your room to serve you both. As soon as the old lady's words came out, all the people in the room were stunned. Huixin's face was full of astonishment, and Xiuxin's face was ashamed and jealous. Jiang Shi quickly glanced at Gu Zao and kept silent. Without waiting for anyone else to speak again, Huixin knelt down and begged, “Don't drive me away, old lady.”. I just want to stay with the old lady for the rest of my life, and I don't want to go anywhere. The old lady took one look at Huixin and said with a sigh, “You are a stubborn child.”. Now that half of my body is in the mound, how can you really serve me for a lifetime? You are an honest man who has been with me for five or six years,industrial racking systems, and I also want to find a good way out for you. If you go to his place, you will not be wronged. I'll move to the south courtyard tomorrow and serve you well in the future. If you have any grievance, just come to me. Don't say anything more now. Huixin had no choice but to stop and look at Gu Zao. jracking.com


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