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Women clergy have been a major topic of discussion in the Christian world recently. As women take on more leadership roles, denominations around the world start to realize their importance and how much they contribute to the spiritual identity of their communities.

The idea of women as religious leaders might seem modern and a sign of progress. However, there were times where they had as much, if not more, influence than many of their male counterparts.

Women are leading more churches than ever before
Women clergy have been a major topic of discussion in the Christian world recently. As women take on more leadership roles, the attitudes towards their role in the church are changing rapidly. Some might think that the church is evolving by accepting more women as religious leaders. However, according to the scriptures, women were not always absent at the pulpit. Indeed, back when the church was still a small movement in the ancient world, priestly responsibilities were often carried by husband and wife in equal terms. The reasons for their estrangement is still debated in many circles, but might have something to do with power struggles in the Catholic world. With the reform, women started regaining ground, but it is today where we see that women are reclaiming their original position as religious leaders. This tendency is growing and with it, the need for high-quality women clergy jackets and other accessories to be used during service by female leaders.

Many people believe that it is time for change, including Pope Francis who said “We must broaden our horizons” when asked about the role of women in the church. The Catholic Church has been ordaining women to the priesthood since 2002, but their roles are still limited. In other denominations, such as Protestantism and Judaism, women have been pastors for many years.

Rabbi Dr. Meesh Hammer-Kossoy is the first female rabbi in Israel to be ordained by an Orthodox institution, and she says that women bring different leadership skills than men. “Women are more intuitive,” Rabba Kossoy said, during an interview on Israeli TV last year. “We're not better than men; we're different. I think there's a lot to learn from women and their management styles.”

Evangelical and reformist denominations have been ordaining women to the priesthood for over a hundred years. The first woman was ordained as a minister in the Methodist Church in 1853, and by 1921 there were already more than 1000 women pastors in the United States. Moreover, the number of female pastors has risen from just six percent to eleven percent in the last ten years. There is a growing movement for women's ordination.

In many denominations, such as Baptist and Presbyterian churches, women have always played an important role in leadership.

Clergy Attire For Women
Women not only contribute in completely different ways to their community´s spiritual needs, they also have different needs in terms of clothing. While the same principles of austerity and soberness apply to all religious leaders no matter the denomination, being a leader also means finding ways to celebrate the beauty of our creation. Unisex robes or clergy attire never helps achieve this lofty goal as they do not help highlight (or downplay) the right features in every body.

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