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Indian wedding photography is a riot of colors, artistic dances, and exquisite attire. Brides seem as if they've walked out of these perfect fairytales, complete with great storylines, vibrant colors, romance, and the promise of a happily-ever-after. 

Wedding photography concepts come in a variety of styles, each with its own different view. These views reflect the subtle nuances that render Indian weddings so magnificent and celebratory, from conventional to artistic, and from candid to emotional. 

When searching for an Indian wedding photographer, you should first choose which type of photography speaks to you the most. To accomplish this, let's have a look at some of the numerous sorts of Indian wedding photography ideas:

In this post, we'll discuss the various sorts of wedding photography styles used in Indian wedding photography, Chicago nowadays, as well as how to pick the right one for you!

Traditional Style-The Oldie and Goodie

Many people compare traditional style with being outdated and uninteresting, but it does not imply that. This kind of Indian wedding photography style focuses on the timeless, which makes the occasion memorable – the people-oriented celebration, which is somewhat more formal than the other kinds. The couple, and also their family members and friends, are the main emphasis here.

The classic style of Indian wedding photography, Chicago includes poses and arranged wedding portraits. 

It entails a large number of staged images, and the key moments of the ceremony (varmala, ring exchange, couple's dance), which are all captured in the same way. Classical Indian wedding photography concepts focus on the elements that make the wedding event unforgettable.

Photo Collage- Many Stories in One

A photo collage is great for a wedding album; you will be able to combine both of your photographs into one, which will automatically reflect your wedding, and it's one of the best Indian wedding photography styles you'll use for your big day.

Perhaps a candid pose that catches the peacefulness of your face and the essence of being a bride, while also allowing you to show off your magnificent bridal jewelry.

Candid- Capturing the Unanticipated 

Because the emphasis is on the true feelings and emotions of the couples and wedding guests, this Indian wedding photography style can be described as the most heartfelt and authentic. A wedding in India is not an official function, but rather a true celebration of spirits. 

The photographer's primary goal is to catch every smile, tear, and genuine expression that will convey a story far more powerful than thousands of staged shots. 

Because candid photographs are not staged, they are more relevant and significant. This type of wedding photography catches sentiments, feelings, and experiences in the best and the most beautiful way possible.

Dramatic Style-The Indian Touch

Dramatic wedding photography is all about bringing some drama to the ordinary. This is intended to draw out the exclusivity and extravagance in your wedding photos. Consider Bollywood-style images, over-the-top sentiments, and all things bright and glitzy. To achieve dramatic effects, it largely relies on color and décor. 

Use one of these photography ideas and you have already conquered half the problem. The primary goal of this wedding photography style is to capture images that are sensual. Capture a dazzling image in which the couple openly expresses their desires and emotions.

To achieve a true Bollywood mood in each photograph, the professional Indian wedding photographer in Chicago 

must use appropriate lighting and elevated photography backgrounds. One can also use a drone to capture the whole event from a bird's eye view. 

Think about it- wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could have a group picture with all of your friends? Pose group photographs with your bridesmaids to record those unique and peaceful moments and make them a favorite.

Documentary Style- The Key is in the Details

The documentary style of Indian wedding photography focuses on telling stories through photographs that are more naturalistic than posed. Wedding photography in India has always emphasized documenting the event rather than “capturing” traditional elements of the event. 

It runs well from beginning to end, producing a story. This type of wedding photography emphasizes telling something by capturing both large and minute details, with a greater emphasis on natural-looking photos rather than visual flair, lighting, backdrops, or other approaches to enhance the shot. 

It is done to ensure that every important ritual is cataloged and that the photo album includes every family member, acquaintance, or guest. 

Because documenting so many guests is tough, you will need the assistance of a second shooter to achieve this style of photography.

Artistic Style-Documenting the Aesthetics

Aesthetics and decor are extremely significant in the artistic style of Indian wedding photography. A photographer tells a story and exhibits its distinctiveness by using details.

The aspects of art that surround the wedding festivity serve as inspiration for artistic wedding photos. It picks up on everything, from the explosion of colors to the mysterious settings and the small but major works of art scattered about the arena, and blends them all together. Artistic wedding photography is extremely creative, and it makes use of technology to enhance or enhance the artistic appeal. 

Flowers, ornaments, calligraphy, colorful trinkets, textiles, and tapes are all used as inspiration. Technical assistance is frequently used to draw attention to aesthetic appeal. Different angles and innovative views are typical of artistic photography and add an artistic edge.

Which Style Should You Choose?

Now that we have learned about the many Indian wedding photography styles, the issue is: which one is perfect for you? The answer is easy: which style speaks to you the most and best represents your particular style? Explore many styles to determine which one best suits your personality. Are you a fan of genuine and authentic emotions? If that's the case, candid wedding photography may be the ideal option for you.

If you are a fan of melodrama and all things exaggerated, dramatic wedding photography might be the perfect fit for you. Essentially, your unique style and personality will aid you in determining and selecting the best Indian wedding photography style for you. 

It is also crucial that you talk about it with your partner so both of you can agree on the same thing.


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