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If you scrolled through your social media feed recently, you may have noticed a lot of hair color services with cute names like teasylights and color melting.

If you've been on the lookout for new hair color, you might have noticed a number of brands offering bespoke color services. The names may be different from one service to another, but the processes are pretty much the same. Today, we'll talk about the babylights balayage technique.

Babylights Balayage & Balayage Highlights

Babylights are hair highlights that look like ripples in the water. They come from a desire to mimic the dimensional hair often seen on babies. Babylights are exceptionally thin highlights weaved with precision to create slight tonal shifts in your base color.

With babylights it's not always so obvious because they are more subtle than typical highlights. One common factor shared among all highlight services is it’s pretty noticeable when you have them; however babylights are less noticeable after a whole day in the salon and more noticeable after a week in Hawaii.

Who are Babylights Balayage for?

Babylights are a great way to add color without damaging your hair. They are ideal for those who want a modest change and can be used as a first step into coloring your hair because the finely targeted sections are less damaging than all-over color.

Babylights balayage highlights are also fantastic for bumping up your base color while avoiding the sometimes flat appearance of all-over color. The babylights balayage technique also works great as a first step into coloring your hair because it allows you to bump up your base color while avoiding flatness in an all-over color job.

Babylights have lots of versatility when it comes to placement, so you can use them on different parts of your head or even blend them with other shades if you're not quite ready to commit entirely yet. For fine hair, babylights' dimensions can provide the illusion of thickness and volume.

How Are These Balayage Techniques Done?

Your stylist uses a lot of foils on your hair to highlight the areas you want to be brighter. He or she puts small amounts of hair in each foil and separates them so that they appear like one big mass of highlights.

However, with this technique, you can also create a more radiant look with shimmering dimensions by alternating between bigger and smaller pieces of hair. You’ll see that it takes a lot of detail and technical work to create these wholesale hair extensions curls but it's worth it because they'll last for many days after being styled!

If you like the past experience, you’ll see that it takes a long time for your stylist to use them and requires lots of detail and technical work on each strand of hair.

Sectioning and Babylights Balayage Highlights

Halo Couture is a stylist who specializes in balayage hair extensions. She likes to take tiny sections because she wants to get as close to the root as possible. This client likes maximum blonde, so we did highlights. If a client wants blonde hair, we will focus on that area. For maximum blonde, she likes to stack the foils so the client ends up with more blonde in one section than another.

When applying lightener, she makes sure that it is saturated throughout all of her client's strands. This allows for maximum blonde to be achieved on the client's hair. Saturation is significant.

If you don't saturate the entire hair strand in one application, you can miss an area that needs attention; therefore leaving spots unrepresented throughout the whole hair strand.


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