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When a famous chain of women’s beauty salon underwent renovation we thought ‘Oh! Finally they would replace the creaking chairs’. Little did we know it wasn’t just renovation but a reformation at all levels! The chain had now become a unisex spa and salon. This was a space where men, as surveyed multiple times online as well, now enjoy going to spas, taking skin treatments and undergoing various procedures like laser hair removal, all things previously stereotyped for women alone. So the next time your brother, father, husband, friend, colleague, or any male presence in life talks about it, don’t give them the weirded out raised eyebrow.

In a society that is starting to celebrate self love, self care, living in the moment etc. more and more, it has now become a modern day necessity to slow down and recuperate after a long stressful day at work or to spend the weekend potato-ed up on the couch. And hardly surprising, with the interconnection of lifestyle and fashion, all eyes are now on loungewear for men.

We get it; there is an overuse and under-understanding of what loungewear is really all about. To put it simply, loungewear is the casual yet comfortable pieces of clothing that you have in your wardrobe. Something stylish, new, and comfortable, loungewear comprises that segment of clothing that breaks the taboo of occasion-based dressing, fitting seamlessly between being a night suit, or the outfit you put on for a casual meeting with friends or when you’re stepping out to run some errands. A lot of offices today have also loosened their grip on what their employees wear, so you can easily put on your favourite loungewear and walk in to work (provided of course, that you are not a cop in a uniform – if yes, please don’t do that unless you’re undercover ok?).

Jokes aside though, as brands continue introducing pieces like yoga pants and tights for men, the revolution goes further into a space where fashion is no longer restrained to women alone. Welcoming this space of genderless fashion, we enter an era where the world drives positivity and equality, and loungewear for men stands like a representation of thought pattern and more.

With a variety that includes as formal or informal as you want to go, loungewear for men moulds itself to your needs to give a modern gentleman-ly look. To give you an example of some pieces of clothing that can be covered under loungewear for men:

T-shirt – A simple T-shirt with good quality fabric does the job for your loungewear basics. A printed T-shirt or a solid coloured one, whatever you choose, can say a lot about what mood you’re in…and if you want to be that private person that you are, you can never go wrong with a classic white or mysterious black – Steve Jobs would surely agree!

Shorts – Versatile, basic, modern, functional, and always trendy, shorts deserve a prize when it comes to loungewear. You can pair them with ANYTHING like a shirt, a solid t-shirt, printed tops, jerseys, and more; layer them up with outerwear; or even above something like skinny jeans, slacks, or tights, especially if you are into dancing or athletics.

Track pants, Joggers Pants and Sweat Pants – Out of the many options available to wear as bottoms, you can select one based on the need and occasion. With countless styles, colours, prints, and fabrics available today, you can find something that suits your mood, style, and weather.

Co-ords – Short for co-ordinated pieces of clothing, co-ords are pieces where the top and bottom match each other completely in terms of colour/s, prints, and patterns. Considered to be extremely stylish and sometimes even gutsy if bright and bold, these pieces definitely make a statement of their own.

Along with the combination of top wear and bottom wear, there are some single piece suits too like jumpsuit pajamas, lounge robes, and onesies.  With this we hope you got a sneak peek into the world of Loungewear for Men. Honestly, fashion has never been so relaxing.


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