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While most people often focus on the lenses correctly, the frames are very important too! When trying to choose the ideal spectacle frames you should consider more than just your appearance – think about the wear ability and comfort levels of the frames. Spend some time considering the different types of frames and how they would suit your face first shape first, then consider that the ideal size is determined by the distance between your eyes and the size of your eye sockets. However, the frames should not be much wider than your face and should never touch your cheekbones. Otherwise, the lenses will fog, and pressure points may result on your face. Larger frames are currently trendy and offer comfortable vision and good wear ability.

Don’t forget to ask for help at a physical store or online at any point via the instant chat options that most have websites have if you need assistance with choosing your spectacles. Online.

What are the Different Lenses Available?

When ordering ladies spectacles online in Sri Lanka or even men’s sunglasses in Sri Lanka with prescription lenses, you do not want to cut corners when choosing your lenses! Lens technology is constantly evolving and you can choose between glass, plastic, polycarbonate and high-index plastic lenses that offer a variety of different benefits.

Glass Lenses – used in the early days, but not so widely offered by opticians in Sri Lanka and across the world since they can break easily and cause serious harm!

Plastic Lenses – first launched in 1947 these plastic lenses still remain popular as they are affordable and light when compared to glass lenses.

Polycarbonate Lenses – significantly lighter and more impact-resistant than plastic, polycarbonate lenses are the preferred material for children’s spectacles, safety glasses and sports eyewear too.

High-Index Lenses – only available in the last twenty years, high-index launches are thinner and lighter than plastic lenses due to them having a high index of refraction and lower specific gravity as well.


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