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Tips for creating successful custom packaging for your brand

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“Don’t judge a book by its cover” has become an antiquated and inapplicable adage. In this age of product and brand overload, the “cover” has become as important as the product inside. Custom packaging for a brand has become a multi-fold vehicle for not just containing the product but also for effective marketing and engagement. Before you look at options for custom packaging services in Brisbane, let us look at a few useful tips for creating successful custom packaging.


Whether you have just bought a new mobile phone or have been gifted a box of chocolates, the first thing that catches your eye is the beautiful custom packaging that the product has come in. The companies that package their brand in eye-catching designs don’t just do so for the aesthetics. There are sound business reasons behind this. Let us look at a few of these:

  1. The most obvious reason for opting for custom printed boxes packaging is to grab eyeballs. Amidst all the retail clutter, you want your product packaging to stand out and get noticed by the customer.
  2. Custom packaging for your product is a powerful marketing tool. You can use it to engage your customer and clearly communicate the ethos and brand values of your company. This is very effective for establishing a connection with your customer and for building their initial trust in your brand.
  3. Another strong business advantage of good custom packaging is the easy identification and recall for loyal repeat customers. The colors, design, and messaging on the cover of all your products are instrumental in driving your loyal customers to make a beeline for your brand in the crowded retail aisles and shelves.
  4. The way you design and execute the packaging with a packaging printing company can also enhance the product itself. For example, you can use elements to evoke emotions of nostalgia, curiosity, joy etc. to add a whole new dimension to the product you are selling.
  5. And how can we forget social media platforms! In collaborations of brands with influencers and bloggers, the drama of unboxing the products plays such an engaging role with the users. This, again, hugely enhances the attraction of the brand itself.


Now that you are ready to get custom-printed packaging for your brand, you can choose from a number of outlets that offer printed packaging in Brisbane. But, before you dive into the process, here are a few useful tips to keep in mind to make the most of the customization.

  • Look at all the options that are available for packaging and see what will be best for your products. There are custom printed packaging services in Brisbane that can help with these design issues. You can opt for transparent window packets for food items, sturdy boxes for fragile items, light packaging for small portable items etc. Here, it is important to keep the balance between practicality and aesthetics.
  • Once you have the design for the custom printing packaging make sure to maintain consistency across all the products under your brand. Same position of the logo, repeating colour schemes and patterns will all help with instant engagement of your brand with customers.
  • Keep your selling channel in mind while designing the packaging. For example, for retail selling you will want your packaging to stand out in the clutter amidst other products on the shelf but if your main channel is e-commerce you may look at other factors like weight of the packaging to optimize costs.
  • Take a look at how your competitors are doing their custom packaging, especially the competitors who have been around for a while. Tap into the experience of their iterations over the years to create a design that works for your product line.
  • Cost is a very important factor to consider when designing the packaging for your brand. When it comes to custom packaging, Brisbane offers a wide range of options at different price points. The good thing is there are various parameters you can tweak here to achieve good custom printed packaging within your budget — design, material, size, weight, colours etc.
  • Adding on the previous point regarding cost, if you are a startup you may be looking at options that do not ask for high bulk volumes for printing at reasonable rates. You can opt for a package printing company that gives you the option of low volume printing within your budget. This will also allow you to test out various options for your brand.
  • An essential aspect that often gets overlooked is sustainability. Customers are conscious of climate change issues and are drawn towards brands which take on the onus of sustainability in their custom packaging rather than leave it to the customer.


The customer’s first view of your product will be the packaging. At Crystal Print Media, we value our customer’s ideas and provide them the best packaging according to their needs. People opening the special customized packaging from us are definitely going to be amused by the unique appearance. We are sure they will remember you for the magnificence of the products.

Create custom printed boxes in Brisbane for your brand from Crystal Print Media and be rewarded by the sight of your product flying off the shelves!

Source: Tips for creating successful custom packaging for your brand



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