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Would you like to keep your automobile safe from theft? You are probably familiar with steering wheel locking, Tracking devices, and other anti-theft systems for your car. However, to be completely equipped for something, you might want to examine certain “outside-the-box” measures that can contribute to making your automobile less of a focus for thieves. Important to know the different sorts of theft and how to spot the indicators that a robber is about to steal your automobile will help you reduce the chances of having your car stolen.

Expert Recommendations To Keep From Car Theft

According to police records, cars are frequently robbed from public parking areas, ATM intersections, and petrol stations. They advise that you:

  1. Before stepping inside your automobile, examine the inside and beneath.
  2. Do not travel alone at night
  3. Don't be afraid to help individuals.
  4. If you have the feeling that something is not entirely right, leave. Follow your instincts and feelings.
  5. If you see an unidentified person approaching you, drive away slowly.
  6. If you must wait, make sure you have enough room to adjust your vehicle if necessary.
  7. Keep your car to the center of the road.

How To Reduce Risk Of Car Stealing In Public Parking?

  1. Use of Baby Monitor
  2. Wrap Car Keys in Aluminum Foil
  3. Mark VIN Numbers on your Windows
  4. Hide an Old phone in your car
  5. Keep Tires turned to the Curb
  6. Lock the doors and windows carefully
  7. Pull a Spark Plug

1.    Use Of Baby Monitor

 As the name suggests, it monitors the activities of the baby. Therefore, if you place it in your car, you will be able to monitor your car's activities. This is a unique anti-theft technology since it enables you to monitor everything within your vehicle. For example, you will notice it when someone unlocks the car door or attempts to start the engine.

2.    Wrap Car Keys In Aluminum Foil

Cover your keys using metallic to deflect the signals and secure them against “relay” attempts. Robbers can use gadgets to capture the signal from the car keys again without you knowing. The attacker can allow entry to your vehicle and seize it after the signalling from your keys is stolen. So instead of hanging your keys near your front entrance, put them in tinfoil, a faraday purse, your microwave oven, or perhaps even your refrigerator.

3.    Mark VIN Numbers On Your Windows

This is a low-cost technique that can drastically reduce your car theft threat. To replace the scratched glass, a thief would have to invest cash and effort, lowering his profit margin. The VIN might be inscribed on the rear car window glass on the side of the vehicle, a side window, or perhaps both.

4.    Hide An Old Phone In Your Car

Keep an old smartphone or other gadgets synchronized with your email id where it cannot be seen. Keep it safe so that you can track your vehicle. You must connect it with the WiFi and ‘find my phone app.

5.    Keep Tires Turned To The Curb

When you park your automobile turn Top Rated Suv Tires against the Curb, robbers will have a harder time maneuvering your vehicle to take it. This is particularly true if a towing truck is being used. If stealing your car takes more effort and time, it is less prone to be attacked.

6.    Lock The Doors And Windows Carefully

Pull up windows and close the door if you get into a minor collision or when you're filling up your tank. Thieves take advantage of situations if you're in a rush and don't anticipate anything to occur to get into your car and steal it.

7.    Pull A Spark Plug

Pulling on an ignition system is an effective and affordable way to prevent a thief. Without a charge on the cylinder, your automobile will not start. This is a great strategy to utilize in a city where a thief can't open the bonnet to examine what's wrong without being seen.



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