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, As the importance of social media is growing with online customer satisfaction, becoming a health and fitness instructor and showing the positive side of your profile is much needed. 

Remember, if you provide quality posts to your followers and customers it will eventually boost your reputation and help your business grow.

When your profile attracts new customers, it is six times more than marketing to existing customers.

Social media is free of cost and gives opportunities to everybody to grow their business through it.

Therefore you must keep boosting your client base, and to gain more knowledge about your business, nurture relations with existing trainees.

According to Google’s consumer barometer, 68 percent use social media actively.

It will be foolish not to reach these mass audiences, even if you just got into social media.

Here are 5 top social media platforms through which you can share ideas and knowledge with fitness freaks around the world. As well as grow business with digital marketing.

1. Facebook

A social media platform that is both friendly and super professional. It allows you to get in touch with high school after many years. It also helps you start and grow your business in any field.

An increase in likes on your post is a good indication, as it shows how much you are reaching your target day by day. Use Facebook toolkits to have a hassle-free experience.

Facebook provides many useful features which allow clients to review your service by leaving comments and star ratings.

Existing clients stick to their loyalty towards the service you offer and potential ones contact you. Read More: News Profy, Tech Mag News, Plus Lifestyle

2. Instagram

As you know how Instagram has become an asset for the business. Therefore you can use it creatively and smartly by using hashtags after creating an account for your business.

Hashtags like #fitnesspro or #fitnessmotivation can be used, you just have to go with trending hashtags or make one become trendy.

Since Instagram was introduced as a photo-sharing app, it's the right place to upload pictures.

You can share pictures of yourself in the gym working out, which will make your clients think how friendly and approachable the trainer you are.

You can as well click pictures of your nutritious meal, smoothies, and pre-workout supplements.

 Add a good photo filter to it and just post, this will give you more followers.

Here as well you can go with the hashtags like #healthy eating, #foodstagram, etc.

Use hashtags for every single ingredient you put in your fitness meal.

3. Twitter 

Twitter is a perfect app to send short messages to your clients.

Use it to build networks with your consumers, by sharing their pictures and celebrating how well they have worked in today’s training session.

Add links to nutritional recipes in your post.

If you want minimum work and maximum impact, then sync your Instagram account with your Twitter.

So when you post something on one platform the other one shares it instantly, especially when you are using hashtags.

4. Linkedin 

Among all the platforms LinkedIn is the professional of them all.

While using this platform you have to use it strategically and put light on your qualifications for fitness courses you have studied.

Tell the customers your story of how you have achieved your goals, it will make them interactive.

Clients will look for you on LinkedIn before contacting you, so make your LinkedIn profile an authoritative source about your talent.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is nothing but a digital pinboard, where you simply pin photos related to your profession, for your clients.

Creating this board will help your clients to follow the steps of healthy eating, as there will be no problem forgetting your instructions.

A good board where you pin all the necessary charts, and recipes and exercises will be followed thoroughly. Later on, your clients will thank you for advising and recommending them in every step.

One Important Question That Trainers Always Ask: How Many Followers Do I Need To Get Verified?

The answer to this is pretty simple, people who are already verified can use it.

It does not matter how many followers they have, if you want to use this feature, then you have to get 10k followers.

Verified users don't need this.


This article is for people who seek guidance as fitness instructors. In this article, we have discussed 5 social media platforms that help any business to get started and grow with time.

In this era, social media has taken the internet by storm. Marketing with Facebook, as it is the largest friendly yet professional platform will boost your audiences way more than you think.

From delivering food to starting a small business, everything is possible through these platforms. 

Leave us a comment in the comment section below, tell us how satisfied you are with this article.


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