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Top 5 Top 5 Ways To Sell An Engagement Ring Ways To Sell An Engagement Ring

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Buying an engagement ring is among the most cherishable moments of one's life. Right from picking the centerstone to choosing a metal and compiling them in a beautiful ring setting. Every step of constructing an engagement ring is surreal!

Bringing one home is always fun but what if you need to bid your ring goodbye. A financial crunch or a gut-wrenching break-up can force you to get rid of the ring. Moreover, if you are looking for a jewelry loan near me, nothing works as great as a diamond ring. 

If you need to get instant cash out of your engagement ring to pay off a debt or need to upgrade your ring, here are a few ways you can accomplish your goals without feeling frantic:

  1. Start By Finding A Reliable Pawnshop:

The value of your jewelry starts depreciating from the moment it's out of the jewelry store. The best bet to secure a wholesome cashback is by pawning it at a diamond pawnshop. However, not all pawn shops, will offer you the amount you have been looking for, that is why it is important to steer through multiple pawnshops before yous settle on one. Don’t say “yes” to a deal until you have covered every plausible pawnshop in the area. 

Taking precautions is also essential so, that you are not looted off your jewelry in the process of selling it. 

2. Contact The Original Jewelry Store

Revisiting the jewelry store, where you originally bought your engagement ring, can also help you get a decent price while selling it. You can phone up the jewelry store and see if they are willing to buy the ring for a decent price. If you bought your ring from the renowned Pittsburgh jewelers, you might be able to negotiate the price, to reach a middle ground, you both agree on. 

If you are not happy with the offered price, you can get an upgrade on the ring by replacing it with a different ring for the same price. 

3. Skip The Jewelry Stores:
Jewelry stores are already brimful with the most valuable jewelry. Therefore, the chances of them being interested in buying your engagement ring are slim. Most jewelry stores would not pay you until they can resell the ring. The least the jewelry store owner can do is offer you 30-40% of the ring's stated value or melt it down to reassemble the pieces in a different piece of jewelry. 

4. Try Listing It On An Online Site

eBay is the most proclaimed online platform to sell and buy jewelry. Even though you will lose 10% on commission, you can try listing your engagement ring on the website to sell it at a decent price. You can test the waters just by listing the ring and waving through the offers, without actually selling the ring. This way you will be able to analyze the price that you can get for your ring before taking it to a pawnshop.

5.  Sell It To A Friend

If you are still looking for where to sell diamond jewelry, after endless research, you might want to sell it to a friend rather than a jewelry store. If you have a ring that needs to be sold and a friend that is desperate to pay you for the ring, it would be foolish to miss out on the opportunity. However, devise a plan to make sure your deal does not end in a dispute.

Curating the perfect plan to sell your engagement ring will require effort and a lot of research until you are selling it to a friend. By analyzing the current market value of your ring you can explore multiple pawnshops and see which works best for you. Once you are satisfied with the price they are willing to offer for your ring, take it in for an evaluation and collect the cash hassle-free. 

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