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The countertop is an indispensable component of any kitchen. It is where all actions are supposed to take place. In addition to this, the kitchen countertop is the foundation of the overall design and décor when you are executing a kitchen makeover. It will be bearing the overall burden of setting the tone and feeling the space.

As it is significantly important in the entire kitchen décor, it is imperative for homeowners to pay attention to aspects like design, finish, and material that you choose for the countertop. We have come up with the latest kitchen countertop design trends for 2022 that will offer you insight into the best décor options for your modern kitchen. As you would think, the latest design trends will focus significantly on material and color choices. Our spoiler alert -quartz stone continues being the king of modern kitchen countertop design.

#Quartz Stone is Here to Stay

You can think of elegant white quartz with grey movement all around.

Quartz stone was introduced into the design space as a leading alternative to granite. Granite is a natural stone material. For several years, granite was successful in dominating the kitchen space -especially for homeowners who were looking for something beautiful, durable, and functional. However, it naturally comes with a flaw -it is porous. This implies that liquids like oils, drinks, and water can easily seep through the stone’s surface. Eventually, it leads to staining. Moreover, it encourages the growth of dangerous bacteria that would leave the countertop highly unsanitary.

The issue of the porosity of granite is resolved by sealing the surface with the help of some non-porous sealant. With time and continuous wear & tear, the sealant will also wear off. Therefore, homeowners are expected to keep resealing the surface from time to time -throughout the natural stone’s lifecycle.

On the other hand, quartz stone -specially engineered quartz stone, is non-porous in nature. Therefore, there is no requirement for continuous re-sealing. It implies that the countertop material is highly stain-resistant. As such, quartz stone kitchen countertops are regarded as the most hygienic versions for homeowners. To top it all, artificial quartz stone is also designed to be super strong -making it highly durable. Therefore, this low-maintenance material is not going anywhere as far as the choice of countertop material is concerned for most homeowners.

Quartz -especially artificial or engineered stone options, is available in a myriad of colors, textures, patterns, and design options. It effectively mimics the looks of the natural stone material. One of the most trending and fashionable finishes with respect to quartz stone currently is matte. Leading quartz manufacturers and marble suppliers like Johnson Marble & Quartz continue impressing us with innovative manufacturing improvements for keeping the countertop material as the king.

#Polished Vs. Honed

Have you imagined the beauty of a contemporary white quartz stone kitchen featuring black accents throughout? As we are already experiencing a major design movement with tactile and textured surfaces, it is high time to consider the same for kitchen countertops. Leather and honed surfaces are becoming extremely common. The best part is that these finishes can be applied to a wide number of materials -including granite, quartz, and marble stone.

The honed finish is a matte version with no or minimal shine. The overall appearance will vary based on the type of stone used. However, you can still expect a smooth and sheen surface. Honed finishes are known to work great with materials like artificial marble and quartz. It is because the overall lack of shine helps in concealing scratches and flaws effectively.

Leather finish is an all-new treatment of countertop style that is gaining impetus in the modern era. It features a soft sheen and appears to be less glossy in comparison to the polished finish. The leather finish helps in retaining the natural color of the engineered stone material. Therefore, it imparts a more sophisticated look than the honed finish. It is also known to hide water spots and fingerprints quite well.

#Countertops Featuring Character -Patterns and Veining Becoming Famous

Homeowners are nowadays looking for more character in the kitchen design. With the help of modern technology, it is possible. In the modern era, countertops are available in a wide spectrum of patterns. Composite or engineered stone materials like quartz stone are designed to resemble the appearance of natural stone -like granite. The human-made process involves the creation of veins as interesting patterns that are swirled into different countertop slabs.

It will help in adding a boost to the creative personality in your kitchen. Do you wish to achieve something more realistic? You can do away with the polished version. You can make use of leathered or honed finishes to deliver the right durability and appearance throughout.

The use of varied finishes will make up for a great matchup with other essential elements of your kitchen -including cabinets, flooring, backsplash, and walls. It also helps in adding a twist to the cooking patterns.

#Innovative Kitchen Sink Styles

The countertops are receiving a modern treatment. As such, you cannot leave behind the sinks. Recently, homeowners became attracted to the concept of integrated sinks. 2022 will be bringing into effect a myriad of kitchen sink styles, finishing, and sizes. In 2022, you can expect the dawn of matte black sink fixtures and sinks along with brass and gold colors taking over. The finishes tend to stray away from the standard metal or stainless steel sinks.

Oversized sinks are also becoming increasingly popular nowadays. It is highly effective in terms of the overall functionality. Oversized kitchen sinks are known to pair effectively with an oversized refrigerator. As the entire kitchen area will be expanding in terms of accessibility and area, it will only make sense that appliances are expanding as well. Modern and elegant styles of kitchen sinks are becoming quite popular.


The kitchen countertop has always been an integral part of any household design. Through several generations, we have switched from one style to another to achieve the perfect look for our cooking space. Design your kitchen the way you want it!



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