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Humanity has used copperware in everyday household items from the beginning of time. Since copper is an excellent conductor of heat, even recently, one would have heard that certain cookware was coated with copper or had short copper bottom vessels. In other words, the use of copper or containers with copper bottoms speeds up the cooking process and lowers the use of cooking gas.

For decades, copper is termed as the “Jewelry of the Kitchen,” has adorned both cookware and technical apparatus. However, the question of whether copper utensils are beneficial for health arises frequently in our minds.

Everyone wants to include copper in their home's home decor. This is because it gives your property a rustic but beautiful appearance. However, using some lovely copperware from our collection to add copper is the ideal way to achieve this. Copper has several advantages and it adds beauty to any dish.

Orchid Dinex is one of the most well-known brands that can meet all the demands of any HORECA company. We are one of India's leading hotelware manufacturers and suppliers and are known for satisfying customers with the best quality and highly durable copperware.

Copper cookware is now offered in a wide variety of intriguing styles as it becomes a popular choice in every household. We have a fantastic selection of cutlery and flatware made of copper that will complement any decor. You may get the authenticity you want in your copper kitchenware with our handcrafted goods.

Explore a wide variety of copperware items at Orchid Dinex-A one-stop solution for all your hotel and catering needs. Our range varies from drinkware copper mugs, copper bowls, pans, dishes, casseroles, jugs, etc. which we ship all across India.

Here are some of the popular ways to use copper:

  • Cooking and roasting are great uses for copper pots and pans. The meal's unique material characteristics and superior heat conductivity account for this. Chefs or cooks with a strong work ethic know that the food's
    quality is worth the price. Its positive side effects include less burning risk and distinctive energy savings.
  • Copper water bottles, tumblers, and pots have been and continue to be used extensively to hold water; this is not a hoax. Studies show that storing water in copper containers kills the majority of disease-causing microorganisms.
  • Copper is incredibly easy to use and reacts fast to power adjustments. Food is cooked evenly because copper pans guarantee that heat is transmitted equally throughout the base and edges of the pan.
  • Copper cookware heats up very quickly, requiring significantly less energy and decreasing cooking time. Our pans are made without the use of metal coatings, so customers do not have to be concerned about the dangers of chemical non-stick coatings.


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