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What are the unknown benefits of wearing silver payal?

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Indians obsess over gold when it comes to jewellery. Every possible ornament is preferred in the yellow metal. But when it comes to accessories below the waist, silver takes over. As gold is considered auspicious and sacred, people prefer wearing silver on their feet. That is why anklets get prepared with silver. But this is not the sole reason to choose silver payal.

Besides the cultural motivation, silver works best for daily wear. This noble metal makes the perfect match as anklets get worn every day. Moreover, due to its malleability, Fine Jewels provides diverse silver payal designs. From delicate chains to extravagant styles with trinkets, there are many options. The sound of bells adds warmth and harmonious appeal to this jewellery piece. But besides being pleasant, it also has health and scientific benefits like:

Energy regulation

Most Indian women wear a lot of jewellery items regularly. This releases electric current in their body. Especially if gold is involved as it is known to produce such currents. Silver counters this and creates positive energy flow in the body. Hence, wearing a silver anklet is good for maintaining energy regulation. This applies to all kinds of styles, but one with a payal design with charms is best for this.

Strengthens bones

There is continuous friction between the anklet and the feet when you move. This not only makes for a mesmerising sight but also provides scientific benefits. The major one is the effect on bones. As most of our body mass is weighed down on our feet, having foot problems is common. Over time, pain also becomes evident. But the payal helps strengthen the bones to withstand the pressure and reduce pain.

Helps with gynaecological disorders

The nerve endings in our body are connected to every muscle. It is believed that nerves in our feet are closely associated with fertility and hormones. They have regular energy as you wear silver anklets, affecting these nerves. As a result, problems related to menstruation, hormonal imbalance, and infertility get alleviated. If you have issues with the same, you should wear a silver payal. Fine Jewels offers a flat 20% on silver jewellery to make it affordable.

Antibacterial benefits

The silver ions present in the payal hold antibacterial properties. They improve your body's ability to fight bacterial effects. This also results in boosting the immune system. Hence, apart from fashion, you should consider buying a silver anklet from a health's perspective. As for suitable designs, explore the collections during online jewellery shopping.


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