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ReactJS is a Javascript library that helps in creating interactive user interfaces for web and mobile apps.

It is an open-source and front-end library that is responsible for the view layer of applications. We have come up with ideas that will tell you about what and all one can develop with ReactJS.

What can you develop using ReactJS?

1) Social Networks

ReactJS helps to build social networks. The HTML templates do not work well with page updates. I hope now it's clear why many platforms prefer single-page applications. With ReactJS, all this is possible due to its fast development process.

Besides that, the unidirectional data binding helps to reduce the chaos in web development. ReactJS ensures a better user experience and makes it more responsive. All you need is an expert developer who understands React Development Environment to the core.

2) Messaging Applications

Message applications like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp are available both on the mobile and on the web. Messaging means conversations taking place between two or more people in real-time.

With ReactJS, the messaging applications can be easily created as it acts like a Websocket client. In short, WebSocket helps in managing and maintaining the two-way conversation that takes place between the client and the server.

3) eCommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites can be built with the help of ReactJS. A retail website contains various types of APIs, filters, components, and more.

They should be built in such a way that they remain independent from each other. If the React Development environment is handled carefully, an eCommerce website can be made with separate individual components.

The development environment supports component reusability which means that the code doesn't need to be written over and over again. It implies that a faster web app can be created at less cost.

Moreover, it provides a way for the management of the app to ensure high speed, better performance, and efficient memory.

4) Enterprise Web Application

React JS is an ideal choice for the development of Enterprise Web Applications. It is because the ReactJs web development process allows breaking the entire app into small UI elements integrated with reusability features.

The development process helps in resolving the legacy stack problem. ReactJS helps in increasing the coding speed, stabilizes the web application in the growing world of competition, and can be learned easily.

5) Single Page Application

Even the Single Page web applications and mobile applications are made with React quite comfortably. The React SPA (SPA – Single Page Application) works on the browser with an assurance of “No Reloading” of the page from the users' end.

With the help of React SPA, the user interacts with the same page instead of a new one. Besides that, the developers get a library from React called the React Router, offering routing ability in these SPAs.

6) Productivity Application

Lastly, productivity applications can be built using ReactJS the best. Here productivity apps mean, for example, note-taking apps, managing task list apps, and team management apps.

The developer can try to make small productivity applications at the initial stage and later expand them by adding more features.

Some of the popular productivity apps that use ReactJS are Notion, Todoist, Things, and more.

ReactJS has been on the top list when it comes to building projects for organizations. It makes the developer build, maintain, and achieve a consistent look of the application.

The React development process caters to the needs of organizations of all sizes, helping to achieve long-term business goals.

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