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Whether you are just getting started or are already a part of this industry, obtaining a certification in data analytics can help you achieve your professional aspirations. Data analytics is a fast-growing and relatively complex field that requires a definitive set of skills, knowledge, and expertise to cope with the dynamics of data analytics. Enrolling in a data analytics certification programme can help you learn the fundamentals and gain skills that are imperative for a flourishing career in the data analytics and big data fields. Professional certification in data analytics is proof that an individual has completed a specific training course that can lead to a job as a data analyst in a leading corporation.

A data analytics certification programme can help freshers enter the field while also helping career veterans in boosting their career prospects. To put that in perspective, according to the BLS (Bureau of Labour Statistics), individuals with a data analytics certification face lower levels of unemployment and earned higher salaries than those without a certification.

The big data market is expected to experience substantial growth in the coming years, with software and services revenues forecasted to reach $103 billion by 2027 from $42 billion in 2018. This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.48 percent. In addition, the United States is expected to see a surge in job postings related to data analytics and data science, with an estimated 2.7 million such job openings. Obtaining a certificate in data analytics is worth it, as such certification has the potential to have a positive impact on earning capacity, employment opportunities, and career opportunities.

Here are some job titles that require a data analytics professional certification:

Data Analyst: Data analysts are professionals who draw insights from data that can directly impact business decision-making.

Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst: BI analysts use data to make predictions and figure out market trends to analyse data that can help build a bigger picture of where the company stands.

Data and Analytics Manager: A data and analytics Manager leads and directs the data science team, and sets priorities. These professionals require technical expertise in SAS, R, SQL, Excel, Python, etc., and strong social and leadership skills.

Financial Analyst: A financial analyst is a professional who analyses financial data to help businesses make informed decisions about investments, pricing, and overall financial strategy.

Operations Analyst: An operations analyst is a professional who analyses business operations to identify areas where efficiency can be improved, and to develop and implement solutions to streamline processes.

Data Analytics Consultant: A data analytics consultant is a professional who helps businesses make better use of their data by developing and implementing strategies for data collection, analysis, and visualisation.

Data Scientist: A data scientist is a professional who uses statistical and computational techniques to analyse large sets of data and extract insights that can be used to inform business decisions, develop new products, or improve existing processes.

Certification in data analytics can open up a multitude of career opportunities across various domains, including e-commerce, finance, healthcare, entertainment, and retail. The demand for data scientists and analysts is consistently increasing in countries. Holding a data analytics certification makes you eligible for diverse job roles such as data scientist, business intelligence professional, project manager, solution architect, and statistician. Moreover, the skills acquired in one industry or country are usually transferrable to another, offering the flexibility to explore opportunities in different domains in the future.

Take the next step and enroll in a data science certification programme now!


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