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Media monitoring is paying attention to who's saying something about your company, your competition, your market, and any other subject that's important to you and your operations. In today's environment, media monitoring must encompass more than just print, expanding to the internet, television, and social media.

When you track the business, you come to understand your target demographic and by knowing your target audience, you can better appeal to them and better connect with them which is basically the entire point of PR and the services provided by Media monitoring companies in Sri Lanka.  It’s about learning how they speak and recognizing the words they use as they talk about the things that matter to you. As you track the market, you understand what they do and don’t care about, what they think about your competitors, and what they love or dislike about your product. When you control the business, you can more easily improve your messaging such that you’re communicating specifically to the people that matter to you.

Your name is what you trade for. And it’s just as good as how the brand is viewed. Hence, it is important to seek professional advice from the best media monitoring services in Sri Lanka.  Media analysis will help you detect possible crises and minimize harm with a fast and intelligent response. It is also key in developing a successful reputation management strategy, enabling you to be constructive rather than just reactive, and don’t forget a photo is worth a thousand sentences. Your monitoring needs to involve more than just text mentions. Photos rule the internet. But it just makes sense that you can track the brand for visual coverage too.

When you are aware of what people are talking about you, you will respond thoughtfully, thus increasing your transparency, your credibility, and your positive relationships. The result: a better reputation.

No company is exempt from risk; it’s a part of doing business. But while understanding and minimizing future danger is typically the responsibility of many internal agencies, recruiting a media monitoring contractor will centralize the workload by:

  • Recognizing supplier-related risk by tracking media reports of new/existing suppliers.
  • Monitoring future danger from changes to the regulatory environment you work within
  • Holding an eye on what rivals are saying to the consumer, and, in exchange, what market opinion is of them

There is a time in every professional’s life where they need to take a long, hard look at the job they do and critically evaluate their results.

Media tracking lets you know if your actions are translating into progress. Just by monitoring your coverage would you know if you’re still having some. Just by watching the media would you know if you’re earning it. Analyzing your efforts is critical in every position, but PR and comms pros are nothing if not competitive and ambitious—we know you’d rather be improving and evolving than falling behind.

When you track, you understand which journalists and influencers you can approach. If you come across one that blogs deeply about your rivals, you should reach out and show them what you do differently. When you find one that is not completely on your side, you should reach out and change their mind; the theory is that, in exchange, they’ll change the minds of their readers.

There’s a lot to do in public relations, but a big part of it is building good partnerships with media and pitching your story in a way that’s attention capturing and successful.

The Internet has drastically evolved in the past few years. Today, blogs are no longer static brochures. The days that businesses were appealing to a silent crowd and people couldn’t powerfully express their viewpoint are gone. Irrespective of the scale of your company, people are talking about you. They are tweeting about your new products, campaign, unboxing your products and reviewing them on Twitter, leaving feedback on blogs, discussion boards, and so on.

Through the insights acquired from media monitoring of your market, you will achieve greater insight and perception of your market or target audience. It will allow you to stay ahead of your rivals.


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