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Magento 2 Customer Login Extension is a Magento 2 extension that allows administrator users to login to customer accounts with one click without using a password or changing authentication details. When an admin logs into a customer account, they can run a check and find issues in the My Account area. The Login as Customer extension is also useful for sales managers as it reduces complexity and guides, shoppers, through the checkout process.


Magento 2 Guest to Customer Extension Compatibility

Login as Customer is fully compatible with the FME Extensions, Magento 2 Login as Customer extension, allowing you to easily convert guest reservations to clients. These Magento 2 plugins work together to make a difference. Converting guest bookings to managed customers allows you to log in as a customer and troubleshoot your visitors.


Login to A Customer Account using the Admin Panel

Log in with your customer account using the admin panel. Although the payment and payment process is simple, problems can arise from time to time. Additionally, customers may experience issues in the “My Account” area and there is no other way to detect errors other than logging into the customer profile with the customer's username and password. Fortunately, this process can be done quickly and easily from the admin panel using the Magento 2 “Login as Customer” extension. This gives you access to your customer's personal account in seconds, allowing you to resolve issues faster.


Login As Customer Button

For your convenience, the Magento 2 “Login as Customer” module has created several ways for users with administrative privileges to log into their client profile. Therefore, you will find the “Log in as customer” button on the “Orders” and “Customer” grids and on the “Orders” and “Customer” pages. You will be taken directly to the “My Account” section where you can analyze the issue.


Restricting Login Privileges

To avoid duplicate admin configuration in the admin panel, use the user role that manages Magento 2 logins as a client extension to limit permissions. As a result, you can assign admin roles to different fields and make each admin responsible only for the field to which they are assigned.


Key Features

  1. Access to customer accounts with one click
  2. User-perception-based design and transformation
  3. Help the user complete the purchase by logging in as a customer
  4. Logging in to customer accounts with a single click
  5. Remove or change misleading customer information
  6. The shop's design and functionality should be evaluated and improved.
  7. Conversion rate optimization should be optimized.


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