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Polished concrete is the highest quality no-wax flooring you can have for your office. Using proper floor grinding equipment and following proper techniques, Nashville industrial polished concrete services can grind any old or new floor to a high-gloss finish. 

If you plan to have a polished concrete floor in your office, you should call the best concrete contractor in Nashville, TN. Arm yourself with proper information to ensure the contractor does not take you for a ride. 

What Is Polished Concrete?

Polishing concrete is a process similar to sanding wood. In this process, heavy-duty machines grind the surface step by step to make it smooth and shiny.

Where Can Polished Concrete Be Used?

Polished concrete is recommended for different types of commercial establishments that includes 

  • Warehouse outlets and large warehouses 

  • Auto Showrooms

  • Retail showrooms

  • Office buildings 

  • Restaurants And hotels

However, the use of polished concrete is limited to commercial establishments alone. Most polished concrete services also undertake projects of creating a polished concrete floors. 

Can All Concrete Floors Be Polished?

Nashville Industrial Polished Concrete Services mention almost any concrete floor can be polished, but there are few conditions. The company determines the suitability of the concrete floor before recommending polishing. 

What Are Design Options Available In Polished Concrete Floors?

According to leading, one reason for opting for polished concrete floors is the wide variety of design options available. You have various options like creating grids, radial lines, borders, bands, and other designs. The design options are expanded by different options available in scoring and coloring. Many commercial establishments enhance their existing concrete floors by applying stains and dyes. 

Since polishing concrete is a multi-step process, you can always choose the different sheen levels like high gloss, satin, and anything in between. Concrete Contractor in Nashville, TN, you have greater flexibility in polished concrete floors, and you can always have industrial flooring that meets your aesthetic and maintenance requirements. 

Are Polished Concrete Floors Difficult to Maintain?

The polished concrete floor needs little maintenance, and you can keep its beautiful shine consistent with minimal effort. Besides, these floors are highly durable throughout their life. 

All these floors need is routine maintenance like keeping the floor free from debris dust which can rub the surface hard and cause scratches. It would help if you cleaned these floors with damp mopping to remove all debris. These decorative floors are pretty easy to maintain in comparison to other industrial floor types. 

Do Polished Concrete Falls Increase Slip and Fall Accidents?

There is a misunderstanding that since polished surface floors are smooth, shiny, they are also slippery. It is not valid, and the fact is these floors are incredibly safe to walk when kept dry and clean. Wet surfaces increase the chances of slip and fall accidents. 

According to flooring experts, polished concrete floors are less slippery than polished marble surfaces or waxed linoleum. If your concern is reducing the chances of slip and fall accidents, here are some things you need to do. 

  • Keep the floors free of standing water, grease, oil. Your establishment should have a routine maintenance program that ensures spills and stains on the floor are cleaned as soon as possible. 

  • Contractors can also apply anti-slip conditioner on these polished surfaces. The anti-slip conditioner contains special additives that improve traction and make wet surfaces safer. However, you need to apply the anti-slip conditioner periodically to maintain good traction.  The method of applying an anti-slip conditioner is easy, and you can mop the surface with an anti-slip conditioner during routine cleaning. 

  • You can use area rugs or rubber mats in high-traffic areas to reduce slip and fall accidents. 

Wet versus dry polishing :

You have two polishing options on polished concrete floors. Most contractors use a combination of wet and dry polishing methods while polishing the surface. Wet polishing requires water to eliminate grinding dust and cool the diamond abrasives. Since water reduces friction, it extends the life of abrasives. 

Dry polishing does not require water. Contractors use machines with dust containment bags to eliminate all mess. Dry polishing is used in the initial stages of the polishing process when concrete needs to be removed. As the surface becomes smoother, the contractor switches to the wet polishing method. 

To sum up, knowing the polished concrete floors will remove any doubts about the process, and you can ensure the contractor follows the proper steps in the process and deliver the best results.


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