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Treatments Used for Playhouses

The pressure-treated wood used to construct your wooden playhouse outdoor should eliminate the need to treat the wood once it has been purchased and assembled. (You may think about doing it a year or two down the road.)

Begin by treating or ‘priming' the wood and thoroughly cleaning it to remove any dirt and/or oil. Check for splinters, cracks, and other flaws (there shouldn't be any, but it's always a good idea to double-check). If there are any, they should be sanded down and cleaned with white spirit.

After that, you have two options. Either go about selecting from:


It will be necessary to reapply on a yearly basis. It is simple and uncomplicated to submit an application. Make certain to choose a treatment that is appropriate for smooth, planed playhouse wood. For the interior of your playhouse, a water-based treatment would be the most effective.


For the outside of the house. It lasts far longer than water-based alternatives. Treatments are available in either clear or coloured varieties. If you're intending to paint your playhouse, you might want to think about using a clear treatment first.

You may begin painting your children's playhouse once you've primed and treated it. This is the most enjoyable phase of the decorating process.

Painting your Playhouse – The most important Steps!

It is possible to breathe new life into your kids play house by painting it. Taking up this endeavour with your children may also be a rewarding experience. Before you begin, make a decision on the paint, colour, and themes you want to utilize for your child's playground.

1. COLOUR     

Choose a colour palette that is workable! (For example, a ‘rainbow' might wind up costing a lot of money and sanity in the long run.) We advocate using bright, block colours that contrast with one another. Consider a traditional colour scheme of blue or pink with white trim and window frames.

2. THEME       

What does the colour scheme of your playhouse say about your playhouse? If you want to create a typical Wendy house style, use bright colours in large blocks. Alternatively, if you want a beach-themed playhouse, use softer tones.


Are you planning to paint the interior of the house? What kind of accent walls do you want?

4. GET CREATIVE       

Is it possible to integrate items such as glitter paint to provide a burst of colour? Encouraging your children to participate in the playhouse decoration process can help them begin to make it feel more like their own.

Allow them to make suggestions (within limits) on the colours they would like to have painted on the interior and exterior of their home. Could you utilize stencils on the interior of the house and have them paint a feature wall?

If this is the case, consider painting the inside in a neutral colour such as white or cream to maximize the amount of natural light. Just keep in mind that a child's playhouse is for them, so allow them have some say in the design!

How to paint a playhouse?

To begin, determine whether your playhouse wood has been treated with a drip or pressure treatment.

  • Check for splinters or fissures in the wood (sand where necessary)
  • Remove any debris, dust, and grease from the wood before painting it.
  • Allow for drying before applying wood treatment (where applicable)
  • Apply an undercoat of the paint of your choice.
  • After applying the undercoat, sand the wood to a smooth finish (Even a smooth playhouse will become rough after initial painting)
  • For a lustrous finish, apply one or two gloss or satin topcoats over the whole surface.


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