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Exploring the Display Boxes

Display boxes are the most loved, adapted yet fancy way to display your products. Display packaging boxes are very cost-friendly and easily available. Custom display boxes are used as the most efficient branding and marketing tools.

Buy what you see

Custom display boxes are the most attractive display packaging boxes. They allow the customers to see what they are about to buy and it gives a good insight of the product. Display Boxes are available in a tremendous number of shapes, sizes and styles. Depending upon the material used in the custom display boxes, you can get them in different colors and designs although each material has its own restriction too.

Ideal material for Display Boxes

There are abundant materials available in the market for crafting your display boxes. However, before choosing a material you need to consider what you want to display in those custom display boxes. The most used and loved materials include:

  • Rigid Display Boxes
  • Kraft Display Boxes
  • Cardboard Display boxes

Rigid display boxes are most preferred when you need to display the fragile products. They have the best protecting ability since once ready they are hard and cannot be folded. It is said to be 4 times thicker than Kraft and cardboard.

Kraft display boxes are in brown color by default and therefore have printing limitations. They cannot print the famous CMYK colors and it doesn’t give the digital picture quality on its surface. But they are available in a number of densities and the raw material is taken from the pine trees therefore it is eco-friendly and biodegradable. The raw material is easily available and very pocket friendly.

Cardboard is known to be the king of all packaging materials. It comes in white color by default therefore it produces high quality digital picture quality on its surface. Although it's a bit costly as compared to the Kraft material, it is still worth buying.

Once you have chosen the material, the very next step is choosing the dimensions and style of your display box. The dimensions completely depend on the product you want to display and the quantity in which you want to display. However, style may have few limitations according to the function the display box has to perform. Custom display boxes are fully customizable. The top five most in trend display box designs include:

  • Floor Display Boxes
  • Dump Bin Displays
  • Counter Top Displays
  • Peg Hook Displays 
  • Banner Stand Displays

Floor display boxes are structurally stable and very easy to assemble. They are more spacious and provide a good exposure of products to the customers. Dump Bin display boxes are long lasting and reusable. Counter top display boxes are durable and easy to assemble and are small and convenient and can be displayed anywhere. If you are looking for extremely light display boxes, peg hook display packaging boxes are your product of choice. If you are looking for long term and resistant display boxes, banner stand displays are your go to for sure.

The Last Touch

Once your design and material is finalized, printing techniques are selected.  You can make specific elements stand out by embossing, debossing, or foiling them. You can also opt for the matt or shiny lamination to make your custom display boxes more attractive and appealing. Make sure to check the dimensions of your box once it's ready by placing the product inside it.

Once you have made up your mind, you can contact us for free design and packaging consultation. We ensure to deliver you excellence. We also provide optimum logistics support. We pack your packaging boxes with the required procedures. Then deliver to your doorstep with immense care. Dial to get the shipment initiated.

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