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Which is best for your next project? Vuejs, Angular, or React?

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How do you know which JavaScript framework to use? There are so many available, and some of them seem to be very similar in functionality. Here are the top JavaScript frameworks that you should consider using in your next project, and why each one may be better than the others in certain situations.


Before React, developers who wanted to create user interfaces had a difficult choice to make. They could use vanilla DOM and imperatively update elements, but that required manually fixing element positions in response to layout changes and tying their view code to specific DOM nodes. In effect, they were throwing out object-oriented design principles in order to work with an API designed before object-oriented programming even existed. Alternatively, they could use a template engine, but that usually led to cumbersome HTML code or verbose expressions like . If you wanted something closer to real programming languages (like CoffeeScript or TypeScript), then you needed another layer like jQuery underneath—but then it wasn’t really clear what was going on with your browser’s internals.

Benefits of Reactjs

A React application is made up of components. A component is a small unit that encapsulates behavior and presentation. Components can be reused and composited to create an application interface. This makes components easy to understand, manage, and test. If you are used to working with jQuery, then you already know how to work with React because they both use a declarative programming style in which you tell what needs to happen instead of how it should happen. In fact, if you search online for React vs jQuery , there are many articles explaining how simple it is to get started using these two tools together.


For those just getting started with web development, Vue.js is an easy-to-learn framework that allows users to quickly build applications without much of a steep learning curve. The simplicity and minimalism of Vue make it one of my top choices when choosing a framework for new projects. If you’re just looking to get started quickly and easily, Vue.js could be a good option for you!

Benefit of Vuejs 

For people who don’t know, Vuejs is an open source Javascript framework for building user interfaces. It provides a lightweight library with a set of features which are very useful for developing modern web applications. It has been growing in popularity over time and it is one of my favorite frameworks to use for single page applications.


The Google-backed open source library that helps make development easier by adding features like two-way data binding and dependency injection. A lot of Google’s core applications are built on Angular, including AdWords and Gmail. Also great for creating Single Page Applications (SPAs).

Benefits of Angular

It’s simply easier to use and more effective than jQuery, particularly for complex web applications. It has a large user base which makes it very active in terms of development, support and updates. Angular also integrates easily with popular frameworks like Bootstrap. If you are planning to build a full-featured web application then Angular is a good choice for you because it can be used without any additional libraries. The source code is well written, clean and easy to understand.


Choosing a framework is never easy. There are so many frameworks and each has its pros and cons. I’ve talked about a lot of them, but still there are plenty of other options out there. Choose one that’s suitable for your project and start coding! Looking to hire Angular developers or React developers or NodeJs developers , Contact top web development company in India, Valuecoders.




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