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It is very important to choose the relevant programming language for a web development project. Currently, PHP and Python can be the primary options to pick from for back-end developers. Now the question is which one of these two programming languages is right for web development. To get the answer to this question, you need to understand the details about both languages from different aspects.

This blog will help you get the answers by comparing Python and PHP. It will help you choose the right language for web and mobile app development.

What Is Python?


Python can be described as a high-level and object-oriented programming language like Java. Python owns data structures and helps type and combine efficient features for faster web and mobile app development. With Python, the developers can re-use codes, segregate and re-assemble the systems using a series of modules and packages.

What Is PHP?

Personal Home Page tools or PHP are Hypertext Preprocessors. Well, it is an efficient scripting language & interpreter. It comes at no charge and helps coders to craft a dynamic website/web application.

PHP helps combine popular web servers over popular operating systems.

Features – Python

  • Fast and adaptable
  • Enables test-driven improvements
  • Takes care of computerized garbage collection
  • Assistance for Data Science and Big Data
  • Python interpreter allows working with low-grade modules
  • Highly scalable
  • Strengthens and interactive testing mode & debugging
  • Permits high-level changing data types & dynamic type checking
  • Runs on multiple appliances using the same interface
  • Robust standard library
  • Operates along with C, and C++ languages and Java

Features – PHP

  • Simple and faster than most scripting languages
  • Database Integration with MySQL, Oracle, etc
  • Availability of error reporting assists with constant notification of errors
  • PHP is an open-source programming language that comes with free downloads
  • Generates a report of the newest user logins & enables access logging

Advantages of Python

  • Portable because of WORA functionality
  • Cross-platform and Object-oriented programming language
  • Completely graphic,makingamateursuitable
  • The open-source feature offers easy accessibility
  • Python is a uniformly extendedlanguage

Advantages of PHP

  • Comes with a hugeecosystem
  • Open-source and object-language with active community support
  • Interoperability- Owns pluggableframeworks in abundance
  • Supports premiumdebugging

Disadvantages of Python

  • Not very useful in browsers or Smartphone computing
  • Duck-typing results in run-time errors
  • Delayed in web applications testing
  • Bit simple for specific tasks

Disadvantages of PHP

  • Wired & obstructedperformance
  • No IOTalliance
  • Limited sensibilityanddirection
  • Externally dependent

When To Pick Python?

  • When working in robotics or data science
  • While planning for deep data analytics
  • Building websites with Django framework

When To Pick PHP?

  • While developing web apps, blogs, or websites
  • To work productively on the server-side
  • Less investment

Why Opt For Python?

Some of the benefits stated below can help you decide why to go with Python and examples of Python Web Application Development are evident to it

  • Python makes coding & debugging simple as compared to other programming languages. It becomes easy for the programmers to preserve the source code.
  • Python offers versatility and hence not restricted to a specific platform or OS
  • Development with Python becomes easy due to availability of multiple pre-built libraries.
  • The complexity of coding is reduced by Python. It controls garbage collection and memory addresses on its own.
  • Promotes unit tests much before deploying a product with its interactive shell.
  • Python permits an interface to save large chunks of data for commercial DBMS systems.
  • Python helps build Graphic User Interface applications with a foundation for Web for example WXPython, Django, Tkinter, etc.

Why Opt For PHP?

  • It applies to most IIS serves and Apaches
  • PHP operates in Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, etc.
  • It is a simple-to-use language that operates smoothly on the server side.
  • Python can be downloaded for free by visiting its official site.

Python Versus PHP – Know the differences

1. Ease of Use


It is powerful, open-source, portable, and easy to use and learn. It comes with some incredible features. Python comes with simple syntax and code can be mastered easily as compared to other programming languages like C++, PHP, and C


It is not a common programming language. The language is utilized to build dynamic web pages using HTML which makes it less efficient than python. The main reason to opt for PHP is due to its ease of use

2. Framework


The popular frameworks are Flask, Django, Pyramid, and Pylons.


The popular frameworks are Zend, Codeigniter, Symfony and Laravel

3. Syntax


It comes with a simple syntax that is easy to comprehend and developers find it super-easy.


As compared to Python, PHP is not so common but has an extensive naming convention.

4. Language Type


It is a multi-purpose object-oriented language just like C++, Java, etc


It is the preferred programming language among developers to create web pages with PHP script.

5. Community Support


It is a very popular programming language and has active community support just like PHP


PHP comes with incredible community support.

6. Ease of Installation


Python is not easy to install especially for users not having Windows.


The installation process is easy with PHP and it runs seamlessly on other OS like Linux, Windows, etc

7. Library Management


Python utilizes Pip to manage packages. Pip offers faster and simple development.


The library management of PHP is not robust as Python

8. Environment Management


When it comes to managing environments, Python is one of the amazing languages to rely on.


When it comes to managing environments, PHP cannot beat Python as virtPHP present in PHP is not maintained smartly. Hence PHP developers prefer using containers while coding in PHP.

9. Speed


Agility and speed are always an issue with Python. A lot of projects developed in python run pretty slow.


PHP 7 proves to be quite fast than its earlier versions.

10. Debugging


Both Python and PHP own incredible debuggers. While coding in python, you just need to hit the ‘debug’ button to start the process.


Debugging in PHP needs a setup at the beginning which can be done easily and debugging is flawless.

11. Performance


Certainly, Python is robust and fast as with Just-In-Time compiler It beats PHP when it comes to speed.


PHP 5 and older versions were quite slow. On the other hand, PHP 7 has brought a huge transformation in speed.

Wrap up!

Well, PHP and Python are amazing for web app development, but Python wins the race over PHP on different criteria. But, that doesn’t mean that you need to overlook PHP and go with Python only. It entirely depends on website design and development requirements. If you are not sure about which programming languages to go with, simply consult and hire a reliable web development company that help you choose the right language for your project.

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