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Currently, automotive manufacturers are starting to diligently produce hybrid cars or electric cars that are environmentally friendly. However, that does not mean that cars with conventional engines will become extinct, including diesel-engine cars.

Because this diesel car has its own hardline fans. When buying a car, sometimes you may be confused about why the diesel engine variant is usually more expensive.

So, what actually causes the price of a Diesel engine car to be more expensive than a gasoline car? The answer is, because the cost of producing the Diesel engine itself is generally more expensive than the gasoline engine.

Car manufacturers can reduce the cost of producing gasoline engines because they can use cheaper materials such as aluminum. However, this cannot be done on a Diesel engine.

The metal material used for the engine must be strong. The cylinder head and cylinder block must use steel.

The use of stronger materials must be done because the Diesel engine has higher compression. The air temperature in the combustion chamber is much hotter because it is needed to burn diesel fuel optimally.

That's just in terms of production costs, because there are many more reasons you need to know behind the high prices of diesel-engine cars.

Diesel Car Prices Are Expensive Because They Are Famously Tough?

This is between myth and fact mixed together. In fact, this conventional diesel-engine car is indeed stubborn because its maintenance is not difficult.

We can take the example of the Isuzu Panther, the Toyota Kijang LGX and the Mitsubishi L300 are a handful of diesel cars that still have a lot of driving on the road even though they are old. Maybe the population is not as much as gasoline cars, but its existence can last for decades.

This proves that diesel engines are indeed tough, tougher than gasoline engines. Because the combustion pressure in a diesel engine is higher than a gasoline engine. As explained above, it takes a material that is resistant to high pressure and a material that is very strong to make a diesel engine.

This conventional diesel engine can even use subsidized diesel. The price is also cheap, which is only Rp. 5,150 and is available at many gas stations. So, it looks thrifty.

For the purchase price, diesel cars are indeed more expensive. Another consideration because this makes it more economical and has a large torque.

Torque is the engine's ability to move a vehicle from a rest position. So, we don't have to step on the gas pedal deeply during the initial acceleration.

This abundant torque is what makes diesel cars easier to travel to mountainous areas than gasoline-engine cars.

Diesel-engine cars are also quite responsive to traffic jams, especially when the car has to run with a stop and go condition. Because the ignition rate is also high, the fuel efficiency is good.

Because you don't need to push the gas deeply to make the car move, automatic diesel cars are more efficient than gasoline engines. It remains only to get used to the right foot so that it is calm when driving, because of the abundant torque.

So, in the future, the cost of using it can be much cheaper than a car with a gasoline engine. The conditions are provided that the use and maintenance are carried out properly.


For matters of car prices and taxes, the gasoline car is the winner. But regarding the price of fuel, the efficiency of engine performance, and safety when forced to hit the floods, the diesel car won.

However, you should determine according to your needs. Because in the end, you will buy the car.


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