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Handpan is a group of musical instruments. The Handpan first appeared online in the fall of 2007 on the website of an American steelpan producer, Pantheon Steel. Handpan costs are so expensive because they are handmade instruments.

Why is it so expensive?

Low supply in the market 

Handpan making is a long time taking process, as per handpan makers it's from start to finish and can take up to 2 to 3 months. Many steps include making a handpan, like shaping the shells, pressing notes, polishing, gluing the shells together, etc to ready a handpan for sale.

Unique market 

Second, the handpan cost is so expensive because of the high demand in the market and the maker number is less.

Nowadays you are still not getting handpan easily in the market. It is very different from buying other musical instruments. Still, the handpan maker waits to make a new one 

A good quality handpan is neither mass-produced nor quick to produce.

The handpan market is unique. If you want to buy this then you should order online or visit the market. In case you may order online then delivery charge pulse country tax this the other cause handpan are so expensive.


The handpan cost is so expensive, that is true but compared to other hand-made instruments it is cheaper. Since handpan buying and selling are irregular, that is why the price may be high.


If you want to make your customized scale, then the price is high. That is the other reason why handpan is so expensive because larger scales take more time to make it.  

Development cost 

When you want to buy a new one, then the maker will need to research and develop the product before selling it on the market. The other reason the handpan cost is so expensive is that the manufacturer creates a band of products for you and you have more. 

Stock limited in the market 

Handpan is not as popular as other instruments so they are not found in local stores. This limits the number of people who can buy and sell both. That's why the product is expensive.

Custom made 

Most handpan costs are high because they are custom-made, which means the material, and size is made as to the choice of the buyer.

Not all companies offer this service, so if you want your custom made then you have to pay more not only that it is harder to find custom made companies in the market

Delivery price 

Your favorite handpan company will deliver to your doorstep with care. This is true that if a product is from one to another country it costs much more. If you are buying a handpan cost from overseas you may be responsible for duties at the border. 


If you want to buy your hang instrument, at a low price you may use an online site but be careful before choosing, cause it may not be original so be aware. When handpan cost is high, it means good quality. 


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