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Many households neglect to service their air conditioning units until they have a problem with them, a problem that would have been avoided with the proper air conditioning cleaning on Gold Coast being carried out at the right times.

Why it’s important to have your air conditioner cleaned and serviced:

  • To stay healthy

When an air conditioner and its filters are not regularly cleaned, they will become clogged with dirt, dust and animal dander, which is a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and mould forming there can causing respiratory system problems

  • Foul smelling air

When an air conditioner has not been cleaned the air that passes through it is often tainted and will have an odour caused by the yeasts and bacteria growing inside the airways

  • Extended lifespan

Like most machines, air conditioners require regular cleaning and servicing to ensure a long working life. A regularly cleaned and well maintained air conditioner will give at least 10 years service before it needs major repairs or replacement

  • Reduction in breakdowns

When your air conditioner is clean it does not have to work so hard, because there is less restrictions from the filters and vents so is less likely to wear out or break down

  • Economy

Small issues that are not apparent in a dirty air conditioner if not rectified can lead to major expenses. Scheduling your air conditioning for regular cleaning on The Gold Coast can help reduce your power consumption and utility bills because your unit will have to work harder when dirty

Have your air con serviced during the cooler months

When the weather starts to warm up and The Gold Coast begins to feel the annual heat waves arrive, all the air conditioning cleaning and servicing companies on The Gold Coast are very busy. This means there is usually a few weeks delay before a team can come and service and clean your air conditioning unit, which could mean you have to put up with the heat for a while

Having a booking in the off season for air conditioning cleaning on the gold coast means you get a much better service as the companies are not so busy and may offer a discount or off season rates. This means not only will your air conditioner be working perfectly when the hot weather arrives, it will deliver fresh, clean air to all parts of your home

  • Saving the environment

A well maintained and clean air conditioner is much less likely to develop a leak releasing harmful gases into the environment, so when you have your air conditioner regularly cleaned your helping to save the planet by reducing your energy usage and not risking a rupture of your air conditioning system

With regular air conditioning cleaning on The Gold Coast you can be sure of your family’s health as you reduce your energy bills and extend the life of your air conditioning unit as well as complying with the manufacturer’s warranty conditions.


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