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WordPress widgets are useful, especially when you want to add some extra content to your website aside from the page or post itself. These widgets are counterparts of bringing in more user traffic who are looking for information. Using these widgets they can follow links and take directed actions. 

If you don’t have proper knowledge of what these WordPress widgets are and how you can use them for WordPress customization, then, here you’ll learn exactly that. Let’s begin by learning what WordPress Widgets are. 

Note that if you need any assistance with widgets and how to add them to your site, use the help of wordpress customization services.

WordPress widgets

Widgets are the snippets of content that lie outside your page’s or post content’s flow. WordPress Widgets usually contain the navigation, information or media which is usually separate from individual posts and pages. Usually, each of these is displayed on a page site where you can register widget areas. 

To add a widget on the page, you need to first create a widget area. These areas can be created by the chosen theme as they can relate with the layout of your site and design as well. Mostly, the widget area is found in the sidebar and footer. Whereas, other themes may offer you multiple widget areas such as in the header, above or bottom of the content. 

These widgets come preloaded with most of the themes so that you can use them without installing any plugin or writing a code. 

When should I use WordPress Widgets

You can use a WordPress widget when you wish to add some extra content to one or more pages on the site. Don’t think of it as a part of your page’s content. These widgets are particularly useful when you want extra content on the site such as, any latest posts, call-to-action button, or their shopping cart.

Think about how important it is to place these widgets at their place. For example, the widgets on the page's sidebar are more prominent than those at the footer of the page. This is because not  many people like to scroll down and see what else the site has to offer. So, put your call-to-action widget or latest posts widgets on the sidebar where people can get higher chances of interacting with them. 

Here are some commonly used widgets that you can use in your site. 

Examples of Widgets in WordPress

Recent Posts Widget

This is probably the most used widget. It lets you display all your recent posts either in the sidebar or the footer. This widget is designed to increase the possibility that people will browse through your site and interact with them.

Comments Widgets

This widget helps you to show your audience how vibrant your site is and how many people are engaging with the content. This widget displays all the recent comments visiots have given on your site. Widget gives the new visitors an opportunity to navigate to these comments and join the discussion if they want to.

Call to Action Widgets

Call to Action Widgets encourages people to choose to take an action. Well, this widget adds a simple button to the site. Also, you can do something creative with a text widget or HTML widget. 

How to add WordPress Widgets

Once you’ve decided what Widgets do you need to install, it’s time you install them. There are many which you can add, but don’t get too tempted. Focus on adding widgets to your sidebar as that is the perfect place to add something which you want your visitors to look at. 

There are three ways you can add widget to your WordPress site: 

  • Use the ones that came built-in with WordPress.
  • Use plugins directory to add third-party widgets. 
  • Or, buy a premium plugin that comes with widgets included. 

WordPress Customization Services

Widgets are one of the most favorite things of any wordpress installation services experts. They have the capability to bring some life to any WordPress site. However, if you want to save some time and get onto using the widgets, here’s what you can do – get instant help from WordPress installation services.

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