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Work Flow Of Zed Run Clone Script – Step By Step Guide

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Zed Run Clone Script is a replication of the blockchain-powered digital horse racing platform ZED RUN. Our ZED RUN clone script encompasses all the features and functionalities of the exemplary ZED RUN platform. Our ZED RUN clone will help you instantly launch your own NFT Digital Horse Racing Game just like Zed Run, where the users can breed, race, and sell their digital horses known as “Breathing NFTs,” which each have their unique DNA.

Here is the workflow of Zed Run Clone Script

Stable Creation

Firstly, the user creates a stable with a simple login process or creates an e-wallet account.

Breeding, The Horses

The user after creating a stable, he/she starts breeding the racehorse for creating legacies.

Racing The Horses

Right after breeding is completed, the user starts racing the horses with a big racing horse.

Become Zed Run Expert

The user can become a Zed Run expert by learning about the progression and the scarcity.

Stable Setup

With a better understanding of progression & scarcity, the user raises a stable of various stock.

Purchase New Horses

The users can now purchase racing horses available in the marketplace.

Secure Payment

After the purchase, the user should confirm payment and transaction.

The Horse Appears In The Stable

Finally, after the successful payment, the racing horse will come to light on the stable page.

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