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It’s unacceptable. A tragedy happened in a parking lot in Houston, Texas. The protagonist of the accident was an 18-month boy. A white Civic 2021 killed this little angel. At the time, the driver was pulling out of the parking lot. The driver should take the responsibility, and so does the mother of the killed angel. How could she just leave her 18-month baby alone in the parking lot, where there’re vehicles running in and out? She absolutely didn’t take good care of her child.

Gissel Vazquez, the mother of the child, has been charged with felony child endangerment in the death of her son. By the way, she’s only 18 years old. Her immaturity could be a reason for her misbehavior. The driver was questioned by police immediately but soon she was released. No charges have been brought against her. That’s unreasonable.

According to the report by ABC 13 and the closed-circuit television, Vazquez was wandering in the empty parking lot with her 2-month old baby in the arms. Then She went inside an apartment. Afterwards, a little boy occurs in the scene, who was followed by another younger boy. They’re Vazquez’s nephew and her oldest son (the 8-month old one) respectively. They were running around the empty parking lot all alone. Seemingly they have seen the parking lot as a playground.

Suddenly, a woman walked out of the apartment complex and entered a white Civic 2021. Then the car entered the parking lot. Unfortunately, Vazquez’s 18-month old son was in her blind spot. She ran him over accidentally. Under the wheels, a little life left the world permanently. Vazquez watched the whole tragedy in person. She burst into screaming and held her dead son in her arms tightly, and running around aimlessly to call for help. After finishing watching the video clip, Vazquez was lost in thought. Her heart was filled with sadness and bitterness.

According to the prosecutors, Vazquez should take all the responsibility, as she should have been taking good care of her son. She also received the punishment she deserved. From then on, she’s only allowed supervised visits with her surviving 2-month-old son. “There’s sufficient evidence to prove that she left the kids alone and didn’t take the accountability of caring for them,” said Lynn Nguyen, a member of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

A relative of Vazquez revealed to the media that they wanted the driver to be charged with murder as she was the very person who killed the child. They also want the public to know that Vazquez is not that careless and irresponsible as the media stated in the report.


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