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Six methods to improve your email program with email reporting


  • Track trends: Reporting at multiple time intervals, such as weekly, monthly, yearly, and year-over-year, will help you see where your data are heading up or down.
  • Create insights: Based on these trends, your reports will include your insights into identifying problems and offering methods to improve your program or new topics to examine.
  • Budget and plan effectively: Regular reports will show you if you're spending your present budget wisely and will point out areas where you may need to seek additional cash to fill gaps or advance your program.
  • Drive testing: The information you obtain from regular reporting can help you identify areas to test. This is far more than a one-time subject line or call-to-action test. Your reporting can instead be used to lead experiments in message content, design, strategy, and other high-level areas.
  • Leadership education: Your leadership will be kept informed about your email performance thanks to an in-depth, organized report with data, analysis, and insights. If your executives know they'll learn something useful instead of merely staring at columns of statistics provided without context, they'll be more likely to read your reports.
  • Show everyone the benefit of email: Reporting allows your email team to see how email contributes to the company's goals and bottom line. You can more easily establish a business case for continued or extra funding if everyone recognizes the value.


Report it now so you can use it later.


When it comes time to work on your email budget, redesign your email goals and tactics, and even assist you choose a new email vendor as your program grows, the time you put in now on your email reporting will offer you an advantage afterwards.


Because you've done the analytics, identified your issues and possibilities, and answered challenging questions, you'll be one step ahead. Your reports will provide you with information to assist you plan your steps and select the best methods and techniques for achieving your objectives.


If your email reporting procedures could use some improvement, I hope you'll use the background information and practical recommendations I've provided here to improve your own email reports. And if you're proud of your email reports and how you use them in your daily email operations, please tell me about it!




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