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When buying activated carbon for water purification, you may be attracted by various types of activated carbon. Of course, there are many types of activated carbon and some grades.air purification activated carbon pellets Of course, grade is not equal to quality or price. The quality depends on the material used to make the activated carbon and the type of activation process used by the manufacturer.

These changes mean that not all activated carbons are the same. Although the carbon base and activation method determine quality, the specific measurements that shoppers should pay attention to are iodine value, pore size, and ash content. Iodine value (or iodine value) is an indicator of microporosity, in other words, the ability of activated carbon to adsorb small molecules.

Iodine is one of the few inorganic chemicals that can be easily adsorbed by activated carbon. Iodine value is the mass (in milligrams) of iodine adsorbed by one gram of activated carbon.china activated carbon manufacturers For marine aquarium applications, an iodine content of about 1000 mg/g is ideal.


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