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The birth chart or Janam kundli can indicate important information about a person. Astrology involves reading and analyzing the planets, houses, signs, and nakshatras in a horoscope. A good astrologer has to comprehend the nine planets of birth chart correctly to make accurate predictions about someone's life. A planet can be a malefic or benefic planet depending upon its […]
Business loss is an inevitable part of doing business these days. But constant failure or recurring losses become a serious cause of concern. It gives substantial mental and financial stress to the businessman. Doing business is becoming complex with increasing competition, technological advancement, and ever-changing market trends. The Business astrology may serve as a boon for all who […]
The new development in the field of Vedic Astrology is the use of Astrology calculators. The most common benefits of Astrology calculators include quick and accurate astrological calculations. Earlier, when Vedic Astrology came into practice thousands of years back, intricate calculations were performed by our ancient scholars. They were divine beings with superpowers to visualize […]
We usually find very less information regarding the true purpose of life, i.e., spirituality, in the astrological texts. There used to be a mention of spirituality in the discourses delivered by the saints. But as far as astrological texts are concerned, they were written by the astrologers in the courts of the kings. Of course, they were keener in knowing materialistic […]


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